Stories of Our Intercultural Living and Mission

Author: Editor: Jon Kirby SVD, Alexander Rödlach, SVD, and Victor Zackarias, SVD
Subject: Intercultural Life, Mission, Life Stories, Work with others in Intercultural Spaces, Intercultural Formation
Language: English, Spanish
Publisher: SVD Publications, Printing: GESP Italia, Città di Castello (PG)
Year: 2017
Available in .pdf
Disponible en .pdf

The Missionary Congregation of the Divine Word, composed of members with very diverse origins, gives importance to life in community, communication and intercultural life relationships. Effective interculturality within the community is a hallmark of its religious identity and a symbol of the unity and diversity of the Church. This has implications for their missionary vocation and commitment and requires consistent and solid cross-cultural skills.

The brief compilation of stories in this book and the the reflections and knowledge acquired through them, is meant to be a help at the individual and community level in the process of overcoming divisions within the community, intercultural life (ad intra), and in our commitment to those we work with; to enhance our intercultural mission (ad extra), allowing the Divine Word to permeate our intercultural life and mission.

In intercultural training, as members of the SVD and SSpS, beginning with the leadership, we need to redesign our intercultural training in light of the dynamics of going out and of returning, with a learning that is aware of both current and future needs.

Many SSpS co-brothers and sisters have contributed stories and reflections to this booklet which was  edited by Jon Kirby, Alexander Rödlach, and Victor Zackarias.

May this material be a source of inspiration, help you share your own stories and reflections at district / community meetings. We invite you to share this text with lay collaborators, and with any person who is restless and eager to grow in intercultural awareness and mission.

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