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Vivat Deus
Arnold Janssen Spirituality
May the Holy Triune God
May the Holy Triune God
May the Holy Triune God
live in our hearts
live in our hearts
live in our hearts
and in the hearts of all people
and in the hearts of all people
and in the hearts of all people
and in the hearts of all people
and in the hearts of all people

“Vivat Deus Unus et Trinus
in cordibus nostris!”

“May the Holy Triune God live in our hearts” is the motto of the three congregations founded by Arnold Janssen: the Society of the Divine Word, the Missionary Sisters, Servants of the Holy Spirit, and the contemplative Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration. Together they form the so-called Arnoldus Family.

This website serves as a treasure chest of sources related to the spirituality of the Arnoldus Family.

Its primary purpose is to provide the members of these congregations with resources for spiritual animation and formation. Furthermore, interested non-members, especially mission partners, are invited to use this website in accordance with its terms and policies.

Besides the archive with collections of historical materials, books and articles, the website also provides a platform for contemporary reflections on Arnoldus spirituality (blog). As a work-in-progress, the website will expand to provide audio-visual materials and online-courses on various aspects of the spirituality of the Arnoldus Family.

Contributions to the website are most welcome and can be sent to the editorial board.

Please see the terms and policies of this.

St Arnold Janssen
our founder

Vivat Deus Team:

General Councillors of Reference
Fr. Anselmo Ribeiro
Fr. Eryk Koppa
Sr. Mikaelin Bupu
Sr. Kreti Sandhueza Vidal
Editorial Team
Sr. Ana Elídia Neves
Sr. Lidia Kunze
Fr. Dariusz Stanislaw Pielak
Fr. Saju George Aruvelil
Fr. Giang Tien Nguyen
Fr. Piotr Gracz
Sr. Maria Angélica Agüero Sánchez
Fr. Willibrord Kamion Bhia
Translators English to Spanish
Fr. Luis Antonio Vergara Solis
Fr. Sergio Patricio Candia
Translators Spanish to English
Fr. Carlos (Jarlath) Melvin
Sr. Margaret Anne Norris
Proofreaders (English)
Sr. Mary Miller
Sr. Margaret Hansen
Fr. Patrick Moroney
Proofreaders (Spanish)
Sr. Maria Virginia Gette

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