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A Joyful Season of Lent

by: Gini Geroge, SSpS
Speaker: Cecilia DSouza, SSpD
Category: Uncategorized
Subject: Lent
Available in: English

Ashes: What is the goal of my Lenten sacrifice?

by: Divine Word College Seminary – Epworth Iowa
Speaker: Tom Ascheman, SVD
Category: Reflection
Subject: Lent Season
Available in: English

Curar enfermos

by: Editorial Verbo Divino/Quiero ver
Category: Pandemia
Subject: COVID 19
Available in: Spanish

Blessed Maria Helena Stollenwerk, a Pioneer of the Universal Church

by: WorldSSpS
Category: Founding Generation, Maria Helena Stollenwerk
Subject: Mary Helen Stollenwerk, Music, Thoughts
Available in: English, Spanish

Last Days in the life of Blessed Sr Maria Virgo

by: Steyl Medien Secretariat Arnold Janssen
Category: Founding Generation
Subject: Maria Helena Stollenwerk, Last Days
Available in: English

Feast of Saint Joseph Freinademetz – 2021

by: World SSpS Communications – Rome
Category: Joseph Freinademetz, Thoughts of the Saint
Subject: Saint’s Day 2021
Available in: English, Spanish

A sign of God’s Goodness in China

by: Camera: Binoy Mathew, SVD – Editing: Gini George, SSpS – Image Credits: SVD Oyes
Speaker: Liam Dunne, SVD
Category: Founding Generation, History, Joseph Freinademetz
Subject: Feast of St. Joseph Freinademetz 2021
Available in: English

José Freinademetz, el misionero

by: SV Argentina
Category: Founding Generation, History, Joseph Freinademetz
Subject: Vida de San José Freinademetz
Available in: Spanish

SSpS Feast of St. Joseph Freinademetz 2020

by: WorldSSpS / Gini George
Speaker: Sr. Mikaelin Bupu, SSpS
Category: Message
Subject: Feast of St. Joseph Freinademetz
Available in: English, Spanish

Reflection on the 18th GC Statement – Intercultural Living, No.31.32

by: SVD Generalate Media Department
Speaker: Anselmo Ribeiro, SVD
Category: Reflection
Subject: Interculturality in the SVD
Available in: English, Spanish

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