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SSpS 125 Years – Empowered by the Spirit Sharing Good News Among People

Author: SSpS Publications
Subject: Commemorative Book, History, Dates, Statistics, Histories of Life and Mission
Language: English, Spanish
Publisher: Published by the General Administration, Mission Congregation of the Servants of the Holy Spirit, Rome, Italy
Year: 2014
Available in .pdf
Disponible en .pdf

The content of this book came to be because of the celebration of two significant, historical events which took place in the life of the Congregation of the SSpS Missionaries in 2014.  Its title reflects the theme of the 14th General Chapter as expressed by its biblical icon, taken from the missionary discourse of Jesus in Luke 4, 16-21. The book offers a compilation of SSpS histories and Provincial / Regional statistics of the Congregation in preparation for the 14th General Chapter and results in an extensive commemorative book to mark the 125th anniversary of the founding of the Congregation.

The book preserves the life-giving events that shaped our Mission in the various countries of the world. The memory of these happenings will live on forever, to inspire and encourage those who will come after us, carrying on the mission.

As a song of gratitude, admiration and joy, the book reflects three interconnected themes for reflection – past, present and future: “Tracing Roots” leads the reader to the origins of the Congregation, its development parallel to the events of the surrounding world that were significantly marking the lives of the Sisters and the peoples they served. “Opening New Roads” outlines a dynamic picture of the SSpS missionary presence throughout the world characterized by the intercultural and international diversity of its members. It offers information about the current state of each Province and SSpS Region as well as the emerging problems. “Looking Beyond” collects some very personal notes from our Sisters, from lay mission companions, and from our brothers and sisters in the Arnoldus family (SVD and SSpSAP).  It is a book full of encouragement and optimism, inspiration and renewal in the light of the call to trust in the abiding love and guidance of the Spirit.

As we turn our gaze to the past years of life and mission, we always marvel at the Divine Presence and guidance that inspired the Founding Generation and that continues to encourage us to continue sharing the Good News among peoples.

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  1. Thanks to the SSpS Cogregational LeadershIp Team and to Sister Marides for this beatifull and meaningful book which refleted our mission from diferent Provinces around the World and encourage us to continue God’s mission in world today’s world

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