Proclaiming the Word in the Power of the Spirit. Character delineation of Blessed Arnold Janssen

Author: Jakob Reuter SVD
Subject: Arnold Janssen, Personality, Spirituality
Language: English, Spanish
Publisher: Secretariat Arnold Janssen, Steyl
Year: 1994
, 1995
Available in .pdf
Disponible en .pdf

Arnold Janssen was captivated and prompted by God to continue sending the Word to the world. To carry out this lifelong task, Arnold told himself to lead by that same Holy Spirit. This work was presented on November 5, 1992, to celebrate the 155th anniversary of Arnoldo Janssen’s birth.

Despite having numerous written materials on Arnold Janssen, founder of Steyl’ Missionary Work, including a descriptive synthesis of his personality, the author, Father Jakob Reuter, SVD, echoes the need for a broader description of his character traits and his efforts in the field of virtues. The present personal profile of Father Arnold Janssen does not pretend to be definitive or exhaustive, but the pages of it offer various personality traits of the founder of Steyl’ Missionary work. They are intended to be a support for the reasons that led the Church to propose it as a model for the Christian people. The fact of making Arnold Janssen speak himself through quotations collected from his letters wants to provide solidity and objectivity to the configuration of his personality.

That the reader, when moving through the pages of this book, maybe impressed by Arnoldo’s personality, even when at first glance he may seem unattractive and friendly. That many people, young and old, both inside and outside the congregations founded by Arnoldo Janssen, can progressively be inspired by his personality as they get to know him better and better.

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