The Spirituality of our Society. A Theological Appreciation

Author: Peter McHugh, SVD
Subject: Arnold Janssen, Spirituality, Theological Appreciation, Biblical and Ecclesiological Foundations
Language: English, Spanish
Publisher: S.V.D. Manila, Philippines
Year: 1975
, 1980
Available in .pdf
Disponible en .pdf

This book offers a systematic outline of the spirituality of the SVD Congregation in the light of contemporary theology. The pages of this work were conceived with a double source of inspiration: the spirit of gratitude and a joyful and renewed dedication to our vocation, as stated by Fr. J. Musinsky, the then Superior General of the SVD.

The author, Fr. Peter McHugh, examines the foundations of previous chapter documents from a theological plane based on Scripture and the Second Vatican Council, and historically supported by the life and spirituality of Arnold Janssen and the foundation of his missionary work. From his theological reflection, Fr. Peter McHugh came to the firm conviction that Father Arnold Janssen was indeed a great man. He states: “Our spirituality need not shrink or fear when examined in the intense light of Vatican II theology. On the contrary: its quality and its richness are outstanding out from the viewpoint of the Council”.

The reader, in addition to finding numerous and valuable quotes from the founder himself, Father Arnold Janssen, will also find that there are specific aspects of our spirituality, already presented by various superiors general, as well as a treatise in the broadest sense that encompass the spirituality of the SVD.

Convinced of the incomparable richness and depth that characterizes our spirituality, this work is an excellent resource for the young members that God is calling to the Arnoldus Family, in their reflections on the theme of SVD spirituality.

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