As Wine Poured Out. Blessed Joseph Freinademtez SVD Missionary in China 1879- 1908

Author: Fritz Bornemann SVD
Subject: Joseph Freinademetz, Biographical Data, Life and Missionary Work
Language: English, Spanish
Publisher: Divine Word Missionaries, Rome
Year: 1984
, 1983
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Disponible en .pdf

Jose Freinademetz SVD, Missionary of the Divine Word in China for 28 years, was a missionary who made history.

In the Holy Year of 1975, the centennial of the Divine Word Missionary Work and the centenary of his priestly ordination, Father Joseph Freinademetz, together with Fr. Arnold Janssen, Founder of the Missionary Work of Steyl, were inscribed on the list of the Blessed of the Church.

Father Joseph Freinademetz was a true and authentic apostle, bearer of the Good News to the Chinese People in a unique way regarding them as his brothers and members of the same race and nation as his. As a Missionary of the Divine Word in China, Father Joseph Freinademetz marks a luminous and radiant milestone in the glorious record of the Catholic Missions of East Asia.

This work is the Spanish version of the extensive biography written by Father Fritz Bornemann SVD. Using the words of the Conciliar Document of Ad Gentes, Fr. Eduardo Saffer SVD, the translator, affirms that “Today as always, the missionary activity conserves all its strength and its necessity”, explaining the true reason for this publication.

We hope that this biographical account, dotted with risky situations, can serve as a source of inspiration and courage for those who in our missionary life today must face the challenges of the New Evangelization.

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  1. St. Joseph Freinademtz saw the world as an opportunity to wittness the Word of God and return to Him the grace of life. St. Joseph gave his live to teach us how to be a good SVD missionary. I am greatfull for his testemony. Thanks to God and St. Arnold Janssen our founder.

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