Vineyard and Winepress, Symbols of the Founding Generation of Steyl

Author: Franziska Carolina Rehbein, SspS; Translation: from English to Spanish by Sr Maria Cristina Avalos SSpS and Sr Maria Angelica Aguero SSpS
Subject: Arnold Janssen, Missionary Sisters, Adoration Sisters
Language: English, Spanish
Publisher: The Arnold Janssen Spirituality Center (AJSC), Steyler Verlag
Year: 2000
Available in .pdf
Disponible en .pdf

As Consecrated Life we are constantly called to a Renewal in Creative Fidelity, inviting us to review our life, our identity as religious missionaries, our witness and missionary presence in today’s world.

Looking back over the ten years of the existence of the Arnold Janssen Spirituality Center (AJSC), it has been possible to perceive in the members of our congregations founded by Arnold Janssen, a growing interest in discovering the roots of our spiritual heritage in the context of today’s world.

From this important interest, AJSC arises the concern to share with the members of the Arnoldus Family their own reflections and materials through a series of publications called ‘Steyl Springs’, whose title is inspired by the river that crosses the small town of Steyl, the River Meuse. The flow of its waters could have caught the inspiration of our founders, and through them, the flow of the missionary movement that springs from the Trinitarian communion continues to expand its life in the hearts of all people.

It is the intention of the author, and member of the AJSC, that said series of reflections contribute favorably to the service of spiritual animation and renewal in the missionary service of all the members of the Arnoldus Family.

This first publication of the series is a reflection on our spiritual heritage that is reflected in the work of art found in the crypt of the Church “St. Michael”, in the Mission House of Steyl: the Tabernacle, whose shape reflects a winepress.

These reflections on the founding elements of our spiritual heritage – which can be read in the expressions of art in the Church of St. Michael, serve as an inspiration to discover and connect with the Mystery of God’s love present and active in our own lives.

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