Come Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit, Rays, Flames of Fire
Holy Spirit, Rays, Flames of Fire

Come! Holy Spirit let life be reborn and inflame with your strength those incapable of loving.
Come! Transform us into missionary communities, capable of going out and walking among the peoples, announcing the Good News of Jesus with our life.

Come! Assure us of your gifts. inspire us, purify us and fortify us in our attempt to grow and make life more just and humane.

Come! Enrich us with a new strength, So that we are able to be prophets in history.
Come! Make us people of faith, present in the struggles and pains of humanity.
Come! So that we learn how to listen with our heart.

Break, O Holy Spirit, the bonds that hinder us from finding the path of forgiveness, of sharing and peace.
Let the feelings of sensitivity and gestures of solidarity not fall asleep in us.

Come! Let us realize that you are the gift of the Father,  the one who listens to us and arouses new relationships, for we are the fruit of the invisible breath of God.

Come! Pour out your tenderness and your light,
so that we learn to be, to live and to share,
creating bonds of fraternal communion.

Come! Educate us and make us realize that life is a school.
Recreate us and in your strength, we will be sources of love.
Come! Stay with us. Amen.

Original in Portuguese in the book “Orações Vocacionais e Missionárias”

Missionárias Servas do Espírito Santo – Brasil


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