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Prayer for Consecrated Life

Come, Creator Spirit, with your manifold grace enlighten, vivify and sanctify your Church.

United in praise, we give you thanks for the gift of Consecrated Life, granted and confirmed in the newness of its charisms throughout the centuries.
Guided by your light and rooted in baptism, men and women, attentive to your signs in history,
have enriched the Church, living the Gospel by following Christ, chaste and poor, obedient, prayerful and missionary.

Come Holy Spirit, eternal love of the Father and the Son!

We ask you to renew the fidelity of the consecrated.
May they live the primacy of God in their human vicissitudes,
communion and service among nations, holiness in the spirit of the beatitudes.

Come, Paraclete Spirit, strength and consolation of your people!

Infuse in them the blessedness of the poor so that they walk on the path of the Kingdom.
Give them hearts capable of comforting, of drying the tears of the least ones.
Teach them the power of meekness so that the Lordship of Christ may shine in them.
Ignite in them evangelical prophecy to open paths of solidarity and quench their thirst for justice.
Pour your mercy into their hearts so that they may be ministers of forgiveness and tenderness.
Clothe them with your peace so that they can proclaim, at the crossroads of the world, the beatitude of the children of God.
Strengthen their hearts in adversity and tribulation, may they rejoice in the hope of the future Kingdom.
Join to the victory of the Lamb those who through Christ and through the Gospel are marked with the seal of martyrdom.

May the Church, in these sons and daughters of hers, recognize the purity of the Gospel and the joy of the proclamation that saves.

May Mary, Virgin made Church, the first disciple and missionary, accompany us on this journey.


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