Sacred ground of the Arnoldus Family
Cradle of three religious missionary congregations
Society of the Divine Word
September 8, 1875
Missionary Servants of the Holy Spirit
December 8, 1889
Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration
December 8, 1896

August - Intentions of the Holy Father

Universal Intention: For Small Businesses

We pray for small and medium sized businesses; in the midst of economic and social crisis, may they find ways to continue operating, and serving their communities.
August, 2022
During my course of Spanish at the Center for teaching foreigners in Mexico, I came across a song based on the poem “Wayfarer” of Antonio Machado. And the phrase that remained stored in my memory was: “The path is made by walking”…
Author: Eryk Koppa SVD
The Church is enriched with a multiform diversity of gifts. Among them is the vocation of the Brother, men consecrated through the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, who, responding to God’s call, provide a variety of services “for the common good”, the good of all…
Author: Victor Hirch SVD
This is a selection from the general letters. They are mostly letters containing instructions to the Superiors and the sisters in charge. It is not difficult to understand why Mother Theresia wrote instructive letters for superiors and sisters-in-charge. She was well aware of their lack of ability and experience and regarded formation of the young superiors as one of her main tasks. Indeed, most of the sisters sent to mission at that time were in temporary vows, and until 1911 the Congregation was still under the leadership of the SVD and the SVD mission superiors, often young and inexperienced priests, were the sisters’ superiors…
Author: Mother Theresia Messner, Translated by Jacqueline Mulberge SSpS
Virgin Mary, my mother, I consecrate myself to you and trust in your hands all my existence. Accept my past with everything that it was. Accept my present with all that it is. Accept my future with all that will be…
Author: Unknown
Author: Fr. Jürgen Ommerborn, SVD
Subject: Arnold Janssen, St. Michael’s Mission House