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Sacred ground of the Arnoldus Family
Cradle of three religious missionary congregations
Society of the Divine Word
September 8, 1875
Missionary Servants of the Holy Spirit
December 8, 1889
Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration
December 8, 1896


Challenging "our faith to do something new"

Pope Francis, in his message to Lent, invites the Church to “live with joy and enjoy this time of grace”; and we must reflect on a verse from the Gospel of Matthew (24,12): “If evil is to grow, love in the majority will face” (24,12). The Pope emphasises: “Once we sold the Easter Bunny. To prepare the receipt, Providence of God offers us every year Lent, “a sacramental sign of our conversion”, [1] which announces and gives an account of the possibility of returning to the Lord with all our heart and our whole life “.

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I equated missionary and mission to traveling, being in a poor, underdeveloped country, or being in a place where God has not been heard or the Good News has not been preached. All these notions changed when I entered our congregation, the Sister-Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration, or the Pink Sisters, as people familiarly call us…
Author: Mary Lilian de la Torre, SSpSAP
Fr. Arnold did not found a Lay Mission Partner organization. However, thanks to his membership in the Apostleship of Prayer, for him there was no question that lay people had their God-given place in the missionary activities of the church. So let us first see how the Apostleship involved the laity in mission…
Author: Jurgen Ommerborn, SVD
This is the first biography of Sister Mary Michael, who died on February 25, 1934. The author was a pioneer of historiography and spirituality of the Arnoldus Family – Father Hermann Fischer. In the introduction to the book he writes the following: “After teaching in the diaspora for ten years, Adolfine Tönnies joined the newly-founded Congregation of the Steyl Missionary Sisters. Five years later its Founder, Fr. Arnold Janssen, appointed a group of Sisters for the ministry of perpetual adoration, thus laying the foundation for the new Congregation, Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration. Adolfine Tönnies who, by that time, bore the religious name Sister Michaele, was one of the first members in the new Congregation. According to the plan of Providence, she was called to be its first superior. For nearly four decades, she was so involved in its inner and outer construction that she can rightly be called its co-foundress. In many respects, her story is the history of this Congregation, and the spirit of this Congregation is essentially a mirror of her own spirit.”
Author: Hermann Fischer, SVD
Lord, God, Lord of time and eternity, yours is today and tomorrow, the past and the future. At the end of this year I want to thank you for all that I have received from You…
Author: Unknown
Author: Fr. Jürgen Ommerborn, SVD
Subject: Joseph Freinademetz Returns To His Parish Of St. Martin In Thurn, Steyl’s First Impression
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