Sacred ground of the Arnoldus Family
Cradle of three religious missionary congregations
Society of the Divine Word
September 8, 1875
Missionary Servants of the Holy Spirit
December 8, 1889
Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration
December 8, 1896

May - Intentions of the Holy Father

Universal Intention: For faith-filled young people

We pray for all young people, called to live life to the fullest; may they see in Mary’s life the way to listen, the depth of discernment, the courage that faith generates, and the dedication to service.
May, 2022
Saint Joseph: an inspiration for the members of the Saint Arnold Family On May 1th of each year, International Workers’ Day is commemorated in tribute to the worker’s unionists who were massacred by the US in 1886, for having made a wage claim…
Author: Saju George Aruvelil, SVD
Our Mother House archivist, Sr. Charlotte Irmler, and her assistant, Sr. Annemarie Reisch, always make sure that the historical treasures of our deceased Sisters are well preserved and not forgotten. Before they archived the valuable treasures of our artistic Sisters, Sr. Alacoque (1875-1953), Sr. Anzilla Sigmund (1922-2010), Sr. Luciela Brügge (1910-1994) and our recently deceased Sr. Hiltruda Stegmann (1932-2021), they arranged…
Author: Stefanie Hall SSpS
This publication is about the report of Fr. General about the general situation of the SVD mission around the world. In other words it is a survey to show how things are in the SVD family worldwide…
Author: SVD Generalate
Come! Holy Spirit let life be reborn and inflame with your strength those incapable of loving…
Author: Unknown
Author: Fr. Jürgen Ommerborn, SVD
Subject: Arnold Janssen, St. Michael’s Mission House