Hallelujah! It Is the Resurrection of Jesus!

In this drama in which the world lives, with the increasing number of victims of COVID-19, perhaps the Easter scene with which we most identify is that of the Disciples of Emmaus, who leave Jerusalem and return home sad and disillusioned.

With the death of the Master, these disciples saw their dreams fall apart and a great void seize them. A suffocating pain in the throat and in the chest, a feeling of failure and irreversible loss made us see only insecurity and fear about the future. So they walked. So we walked, talking along the way about the misfortunes of the pandemic.

A stranger approaches, speeds up, and catches up with them. A dialogue begins. … They share their sufferings. They release the heartache. But, they do not recognize Jesus.

The sun is setting when they get home and invite the pilgrim to come in. They sit at the table and, when He breaks the bread, they immediately recognize Jesus, the risen one, who then disappears before their eyes. Everything changes! The tiredness disappears; the night lights up; the joy gushes from the heart; the fear turns to courage. A new strength over takes them. They run back to Jerusalem to tell the other disciples that they found the risen Jesus!

This Easter, may we allow the presence of the Risen Jesus to transform us!  Let Him come, talk to us and ask us: Why are you sad and dejected?  Where is your faith, your hope?  How slow you are to understand that everything that is happening has a reason, something to teach us, and a new way to go!

May we feel our hearts burn, our eyes open, and our strength renew. Let us set out again, restored in love, in faith and in hope. Let us go to all those who suffer and announce: Jesus is risen! Love is stronger than death and life is eternal!

We are passing through these times, learning how to build a new Earth in order to live in Heaven. One day we will all meet again to share the bread, and recognize ourselves as we really are!
Happy Easter!

Editorial Team

Missionary Challenge for Easter Time

We happily share with you the fruit of four intense months of work on our Vivat Deus website. We already have very rich materials on spirituality: books, prayers, articles, photos, videos, and so forth. Each day we add other items.

Resources in our collection will help you in areas of prayer and personal reflection; for on-going formation, and in missionary service.  Therefore, it is important to make the content of materials in the Vivat Deus website available to all our members and lay collaborators.

At the moment, we have 148 subscribers on the website. This is a very small number  considering that we are three congregations: SVD, SSpS and SSpSAP.

Therefore, we propose as a missionary challenge for this Easter season to reach 1000 subscribers on the website.

How?   It is easy!  See…

1) Publicize the website vivatdeus.org throughout your province, region and community.

2) Invite people (members and laypeople) to subscribe. Enter the site, click on “subscribe” and fill-in the data.  Subscribers will receive up-dates and new content.

3) Place the website link on your social networks and the media in your province or region. Send the link to your contacts via WhatsApp or other messengers.

We count on you to multiply our subscriptions and make our Arnoldus Family Spirituality reach as many people as possible.

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Subject: February 1897, United States, New Guinea, General Chapter, Official Correspondence, Missionary Sisters SSpS, China, March 1897, Steyl – Convent of the Clausura Sisters, Togo, Mission with the Amerindians and Afro-Americans