Challenging “our faith to do something new”

Pope Francis, in his message to Lent, invites the Church to “live with joy and enjoy this time of grace”; and we must reflect on a verse from the Gospel of Matthew (24,12): “If evil is to grow, love in the majority will face” (24,12). The Pope emphasises: “Once we sold the Easter Bunny. To prepare the receipt, Providence of God offers us every year Lent, “a sacramental sign of our conversion”, [1] which announces and gives an account of the possibility of returning to the Lord with all our heart and our whole life “.

Addressing God, the Pope said: “It is not the time of your judgment, but of our judgment: a time to choose what matters and what passes away, a time to separate what is necessary from what is not. It is a time to get our lives back on track with regard to…
Author: Peter Dusicka, SVD
To fulfil her call as a contemplative missionary, Bl. Maria Virgo had to live through the night of faith. She had to follow the path that Mary, the pilgrim woman of faith, walk beside her Son, and that even Jesus had to pass through suffering extreme temptations..
Author: SSpSAP
Como diría el maestro oriental: “Si se pierde una moneda de oro, se la encuentra con la ayuda de una pequeña vela, y la verdad más profunda, el sentido mismo de la vida, se encuentran con la ayuda de una pequeña parábola”. La parábola es un relato…
Author: Fernando Villanueva Cilveti, SVD
Blessed are the missionaries who live in love with Christ, who trust him as the most necessary and absolute, certain that they will not be disappointed…
Author: Unknown
Author: Fr. Jürgen Ommerborn, SVD
Subject: Arnold Janssen, Apostleship of Prayer