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Give us Your Holy Spirit

Give us your Spirit, Lord of Life.

The Spirit that fills our hearts
to follow in your footsteps and live the gospel.

The Spirit that guided your path, from conception,
filling the life of Mary, your mother and our mother.

The Spirit that accompanied your growth
in stature, grace and wisdom, in the simple years of Nazareth.

The Spirit who guided you towards the desert
to meditate on the call and go out to preach.

The Spirit who gave you strength, encouragement and encouragement
to announce the Kingdom and build it with gestures of life in solidarity.

The Spirit who taught you to discover God in the poor and the litle ones,
and praise the Father, like Mary in the Magnificat.

The Spirit that encouraged you in your hour and that you put in the hands of the Father,
as a definitive sign of your dedication.

Lord, give us your Spirit.
You have promised us a companion, a guide, an advocate, a teacher.

Send your Spirit to our communities.
We look forward to it, we look forward to it with joy,
we want to fill ourselves with your passion for Life.

Renew our hope, help us to walk in conflict,
teach us fidelity to the Gospel in these difficult times.

We want to build the Kingdom, offer the world
the fruits of your presence.

God of Life, give us your Spirit,
to make us new, to drive us to the mission,
so that we may be witnesses, brothers and messengers.

So that we live in the Spirit of Jesus
and he will show us the traces of the Kingdom
in the society we live in.


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