Letters from Arnoldo Janssen, SVD to South America

Author: Eduardo Saffer SVD
Language: Spanish
Publisher: Analecta SVD
Year: 2004
Disponible en .pdf

The four volumes of Saint Arnold Janssen’s letters were published between 1992 and 1996. (Volume I: 1903-1904, Volume II: 1900-1902, Volume III: 1903-1904, Volume IV: 1905-1908). They were part of Analecta SVD 65/1 and 66 / II-IV.

The content of this book is the index of the Four Volumes of Arnold Janssen’s letters to South America. It contains only one index (index) to facilitate research and reading by subject.

One of the great contributions of this Index is to provide an “overview” of the main concerns of Arnoldo Janssen and the confreres who were working in Latin America in the early years of the SVD mission.

Presents the Index by: names, places and various subjects.

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