World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation

World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation This date was established in 2015 by Pope Francis in the spirit of Laudato Si’ and in communion with the Orthodox Church which has celebrated this day since 1989. Let us remember that our founder Arnold Janssen had a great love for nature and saw in […]

International Mother Earth Day – 22 April

International Mother Earth Day – 22 April “The urgent challenge to protect our common home includes a concern to bring the whole human family together to seek a sustainable and integral development, for we know that things can change.” Papa Francis, Laudato Si’, 13 Taking care of the Earth is taking care of our life, […]

Not me, but the Lord …

“Not me, but the Lord …” We celebrate the 112 years of the return of our Father and Founder, Saint Arnold Janssen to the Father’s house. Thus ended the journey of a lifetime devoted to a great missionary dream. After leaving, he gave us three missionary families as a legacy. Today, a large number of […]

Arnold Janssen Novena day 9

Novena in Honor of St. Arnold Janssen Day 9. Arnold Janssen’s Life of Prayer Arnold Janssen’s point of permanent contact with God was prayer. Evidence for this is to be found in a note that he made in his travel diary: “Reflect on God’s eyes which gaze on you and do not condemn you.” One […]

Arnold Janssen Novena day 8

Novena in Honor of St. Arnold Janssen Day 8. Arnold Janssen’s Mission in the World The missionary command of Jesus to his disciples to go out to the whole world and announce the Good News slowly developed in the life of St. Arnold. And in the end it brought about great fruit. We give thanks […]

Arnold Janssen Novena day 7

Novena in Honor of St. Arnold Janssen Day 7. Arnold Janssen: Sowing God’s Word St. Arnold was deeply in love with the word of God. He tried by all means possible to sow that word among different peoples and cultures. Following the example of Jesus, Arnold opened himself up to the workings of the Holy […]

Arnold Janssen Novena day 6

Novena in Honor of St. Arnold Janssen Day 6. Arnold Janssen: a Man of Humility The Gospel practice of humility and openness to others is not a sign of weakness or passivity, neither is it something that comes from one’s own personality. Rather, it arises from strength of character totally dependent on God, the source […]

Arnold Janssen Novena day 5

Novena in Honor of St. Arnold Janssen Day 5. Arnold Janssen’s Strength in Times of Suffering Throughout his life Arnold experienced suffering which he endured in silence. However, in his letters and talks he frequently referred to his commitment to God, and to the blessings that are achieved through sacrifice, pain and the cross. Thanks […]

Arnold Janssen Novena day 4

Novena in Honor of St. Arnold Janssen Day 4. Arnold Janssen and Discernment of God’s Will St. Arnold learnt at home what trust in God means. Sustaining him during his early years of priesthood, it enabled him to take on, besides his teaching, the Apostleship of Prayer. After much reflection and prayer he was able […]

Arnold Janssen Novena day 3

Novena in Honor of St. Arnold Janssen Day 3. Arnold Janssen’s Submission to the Holy Spirit St. Arnold placed himself under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to fulfil the tasks God had entrusted to him. “I have consecrated myself completely, body and soul, to the Holy Spirit. I ask of him the grace to […]