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Author: Sebastian Mattappallil, SVD Generalate
Category: Liturgy, SVD
Subject: Ceremonial of the Society of the Divine Word
Language: English, Spanish
Publisher: SVD Publications Generalate – Rome
Year: 2009
Author: Sebastian Mattappallil, SVD
Category: Formation, General Chapter, SVD
Subject: Guiding Principles of SVD Formation
Language: English, Spanish
Publisher: SVD Publications Generalate – Rome
Year: 2010
Author: Hermann Fischer, SVD translated from the German by Paul Laforge, SVD
Category: Arnold Janssen, Arnoldus Spirituality, Spirituality, SVD Spirituality
Subject: Spirituality of Arnold Janssen
Language: English
Publisher: Logos Publications, Inc. Manila
Year: 1999
Author: Blessed Joseph Freinademetz translated and edited by Stanley PLutz, SVD
Category: Spirituality
Subject: Spiritual Conferences on Holy Mass
Language: English
Publisher: The Novitiate of the Divine Word Mission Seminary Tagaytay
Year: 1980
Author: Br. Ewertz SVD, translated by Br. Rudy Heckel SVD
Category: Arnold Janssen, Book of Prayers, Prayer, Reflection, Thoughts of the Saint
Subject: Daily meditation
Language: English
Publisher: Steyl Press
Year: 1995
Author: Translated by Bruno Frey SVD and Manfred Krause SVD
Category: Arnold Janssen, Founding Generation, History
Subject: History of St. Michael’s Mission House, Founding Generation
Language: English, Spanish
Publisher: Missiehuis St. Michael, Steyl
Year: 2011
Author: Anna Damas, SSpS & Michael Ertl, SVD
Category: Arnold Janssen
Subject: Places in Rome related to Arnold Janssen
Language: English, Spanish
Publisher: Rome – Generalate
Year: 2022
Author: Franziska Carolina Rehbein, SSpS
Category: Founding Generation, Holy Spirit, Mother Josepha, Reflection
Subject: The Contemplative Disposition of Hendrina Stenmanns, Mother Josepha
Language: English
Publisher: SSpS
Year: 2001
Author: Mother Theresia Messner, Translated by Jacqueline Mulberge SSpS
Category: Letters, SSpS
Subject: Letters to Superiors and Sisters
Language: English, Spanish
Publisher: SSpS Sources
Year: 1905

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