Vocational Prayer

Here I am, Lord!
looking for freedom, but slave of my things;
believing myself full, but empty of you;
listening to your call, but playing deaf.

Experiencing your presence, Lord Jesus,
I feel in me how something invites me to follow you;
I feel an extraordinary force that invites me to risk everything for you.

However, Lord, the things of this life continue to bind me.
Money keeps tying me
that makes me forget the needs of the brother;
comfort continues to bind me,
that distances me from the sense of sacrifice;
My selfishness keeps tying me
that closes me more and more in myself;
my pride keeps tying me
that makes me believe that I am the best of all.

Many things that take me away from you continue to seduce me,
and I, Lord, like a coward, tell you no because I am not convinced
that you will give me true happiness.

Inside me I feel that there is a civil war.
On the one hand, I want to leave everything that prevents me from being faithful to you,
and on the other hand I am afraid to leave these things of the world.
I have long needed a conversion.

I need to find something that gives me strength to leave so many ties;
something that helps me overcome so many temptations in the world;
help me say goodbye to this kind of life.
Because living halfway is not worth it;
because as long as there is war inside me,
I will never have the peace that only you can give
Open my eyes, Lord; Cure my blindness so I can see you.

Call my heart, Lord, enter it.
I want to have you as a guest.
Give me a generous spirit, Lord;
I want to say yes when I hear your will.
Come into my heart, Lord;
banish from him all worries and temptations
so that he can dedicate a space only to you, my God.

Give me strength to follow you without giving up;
give me the will to persevere on the path;
give me firmness not to look back;
Give me the experience and feel you in my life
because when you, Lord Jesus, dwell in my heart everything is easier for me
and anything, however costly it may seem, it becomes easier and more bearable. AMEN.


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