Saint Joseph Freinademetz

Portrait of Joseph Freinademetz (painting)
Portrait of Joseph Freinademetz (painting)

Leader. Lord God, for St. Joseph Freinademetz our holy faith was a joyous conviction that became the foundation of a life prepared for sacrifice in your service.
All. Through his intercession may we too develop a strong faith that will prepare us for a life of sacrifice in your service.

L: Lord, you chose St Joseph to bring the good news of salvation to his brothers and sisters in China.
A: Help us to discern our vocation carefully and follow it faithfully as St. Joseph did.

L: Lord Jesus Christ, you taught your disciples, including St. Joseph, how to pray and you gave them an example of intimate union with God, your heavenly Father.
A: Teach us also how to pray and thus with the help of the Holy Spirit to keep united with you and your heavenly Father.

L: Lord Jesus, Missionary sent by the Father, your missionary, St. Joseph, by imitating your example has become for us a model of zeal in bringing people to salvation.
A: Give us too a burning zeal to win people for you.

L: Jesus, St. Joseph served the people of South Shantung with loving kindness, for he knew that to love our neighbor is part of the great commandment
A: We humbly ask you to help us acquire such great love of neighbor that we too, may willingly go to distant lands and serve our needy brothers and sisters there.

L: Jesus, your missionary St. Joseph wonderfully combined zeal with prudence in his missionary work.
A: Help us also to be very zealous and yet prudent in our service of you and your people.

L: Jesus, following your example, St. Joseph did not hesitate to accept poverty and deprivation in his missionary work.
A: Train us likewise to accept conditions, which are not always ideal and demand sacrifice.

L: Jesus, you put St. Joseph through the school of suffering for your name and thus helped him to practice heroic virtue.
A: Help us not to refuse to go through this same school that we too may become heroic in your service.

L: Jesus, you have given an eternal reward and heavenly glory to St. Joseph for his missionary service.
A: Give us the grace to be with you and him in heaven when we have finished our assigned task on earth. Amen.

Source: SVD Vademecum2009, page 99, # 110.4


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