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Prayer at the End of the Year

Lord, God, Lord of time and eternity,
yours is today and tomorrow, the past and the future.
At the end of this year I want to thank you
for all that I have received from You.

Thank you for life and love, for the flowers,
the air and the sun, for joy and pain,
for all that was possible and for what could not be.

I offer you all that I did this year,
the work that I was able to do and the things that passed through my hands
and what I could make with them.
I present to you the people that I loved throughout these months,
new friends and old loves,
those closest to me and those who are farther away,
those who gave me their hand and those whom I was able to help,
with whom I shared life, work, pain and joy.

But also, Lord, today I want to ask your forgiveness.
I am sorry for the wasted time, for the money wasted badly,
for the useless words and wasted love.
I’m sorry for the ones that I have hurt and haven’t apologized to
for those who have offended me and I have not forgiven.

I ask pardon for the empty works and for the work badly done,
and pardon for living without enthusiasm.
Also for the prayer that I put off little by little.
For all my forgetfulness, carelessness and silences, I again ask for your forgiveness.

In the next few hours we will start a new year and
I stand with my life before the calendar that has not yet begun and
I offer to you these days. Only you know if I will live to finish them all.
Today I ask you for peace and joy for myself and mine, for
strength and prudence, clarity and wisdom.

I want to live each day with optimism and kindness
with a heart full of understanding and peace.
Please close my ears to all falsehood and my lips to lying, selfish, biting or hurtful words.


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