Prayer to Mary of Hope

  • Mary of Nazareth Mother of our Lord,
  • Companion on our journeys, come visit us, stay with us.
  • We need you, good mother,
  • we live in difficult times, we go through downturns,
  • we have falls, laziness grabs us, apathy immobilizes us,
  • The solidity of injustice makes us angry.


  • Mary, Virgin of Hope.
  • Give us your strength, draw near to us the Spirit that fills your life.
  • Help us to live with joy, despite trials and crosses
  • that we find as we follow your Child.


  • Let us not be discouraged by the slowness of the changes,
  • may the thorns of life not drown the seed of the Gospel.
  • May we not lose the hope in our hearts, good mother,
  • to believe that another world and another society are possible.


  • May we  not lower our arms in the fight for justice
  • and in the practice of solidarity.
  • Let our gaze not be clouded, to the point that we do not see the light of the Lord
  • who always accompanies us, who walks by our side,
  • Who sustains us in hard times.


  • Maria, you believed and you risked your life.
  • And it was not easy for you. You also had times of uncertainty,
  • of not understanding the things that were happening, of suffering and loneliness.
  • And you went ahead, with good spirits and dedication.


  • You taught us by your example that to give life you have to give your life,
  • every day, in good times, and in bad times, and in more or less.
  • Being a girl, being engaged,
  • you took the risk of saying yes to God’s plan.
  • You trusted Him and God’s dream came true.


  • Mother, in our days God continues to dream.
  • The Kingdom of his people is far from being a reality.
  • And he asks us, like you in Nazareth,
  • To do our best to help him carry out his Project.


  • Mary, how hard it is to say yes to the Lord!
  • How hard it is to say yes beyond words,
  • To say yes with the facts, with attitudes, with gestures, with life!
  • Teach us to wait on the Lord, to trust his word,
  • to allow ourselves to be guided by his Spirit, to fill ourselves with his good humor and joy.


  • Teach us to listen to his voice, in the reality of every day,
  • in the suffering of so many, in the yearning for liberation and change,
  • in the thirst for justice of the majority.


  • Teach us to pray not to lose hope and to give it solid roots.
  • Teach us to pray to discern where to put our efforts and discover our place and mission.
  • Teach us to pray so that we are not discouraged in difficulties and setbacks.


  • Mary, walk close to us,
  • join us good mother, strengthen our hope
  • so that the source of our dedication be the well where we drink so as to continue on,
  • the refuge where we can rest and regain strength.
  • Link our hope to the Father’s project.


  • Give us firmness and even stubbornness to move on.
  • Fill our hearts with the hope that frees us
  • to live solidarity and love.
  • For what we hope for will be achieved with effort, with work and with life.
  • We trust your hands to make us strong in faith
  • committed to solidarity and firm, very firm, in the hope of the Kingdom. Amen.

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