Community Psalm

Author: Emilio Mazariego

Compilation p. Luis Liberti SVD

Prayer Book: In the name of the Father, the Son and the Spirit, p.195-196


How good it is, Lord, to feel accompanied as brothers.

How wonderful it is to live in community.


You love us Lord Jesus, members of the same group,

You want us seated around your Word and your bread.

You have brought us together with the force of your spirit of Love.

You are the center and strength of our lives.


Love, Lord Jesus,

it is like the Light that makes its way in the night.

It is like the early rain on the meadow.

Love is like giving yourself without fear of waste.


You told us, Lord Jesus, that no one has stronger Love,

The one who truly gives Life for the Friend.

Let us know how to seek fertility in our relationships, and

May we die, as the grain of wheat dies to be fruitful.


How good, Lord Jesus,

having you as the center of our community.

You gave us a law and your law is for

hearts that know how to love without asking for anything in return.


You gave us a new commandment for new hearts,

Love, Lord Jesus,

it is free like a seagull in the wind like the crackling fire in the bonfire;

it is flexible like clay in our hands;

Love is faithful like the mother who never ceases to give herself whole.


You made community, Lord Jesus, on the cross raised high.

You loved us to the point of giving your life without measure,

You made us anew, in the house of God, Children.


Love, Lord Jesus, is like the rose born in spring.

And it’s like the clean and transparent look of a child,

love is like the purity and clarity of the stars, and

It is like the song of a bird in the morning.


You called the twelve to gather as friends by your side,

And you gave them service and sharing as a rule,

You gave them the challenge of forgetting each one of himself.

You challenged them to take last place as the norm in living.


Glory be to the Father….



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