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The “Our Father” of Peace

Youth Joy
Youth Joy

OUR everybody’s, all the millions of people who inhabit the earth, no matter their age, their colour or place of birth.

FATHER who regards all persons as equal.

WHO ART IN HEAVEN and on earth and in each person, in the humble and in those who suffer.

HALLOWED BE THY NAME in the peaceful hearts of men and women, children and the aged, both here and there.

THY KINGDOM COME, the kingdom of peace, of love, of justice, of truth, of freedom.

THY WILL BE DONE always and among all nations and all peoples; in heaven and on earth. May your plans for peace not be destroyed by the violent, by the tyrants.

GIVE US OUR DAILY BREAD,  may it be kneaded with peace, with love.  And take away from us the bread of discord and hatred that feeds jealousy and division.

GIVE IT TO US TODAY because tomorrow it may be too late. Missiles are being aimed and perhaps someone will shoot.

FORGIVE US not the way we are accustomed to forgive but the way you forgive: without resentment, without hidden spite.

LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION of looking suspiciously at the other, of forgetting our needy brothers and sisters, of accumulating for ourselves what others may need, of living well at the expense of others.

DELIVER US FROM THE EVIL that threatens us, from the selfishness of the powerful, from death caused by war and arms; because we are many, Father, who wish to live in PEACE and build PEACE for all. AMEN.


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