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Prayer for those Who Journey

Uganda, Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement
Uganda, Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement
Draw near, O God, draw near!

As we journey through life, we face the fear of the unknown, doubts, hesitations, anxieties, and insecurities. Life is an unfolding mystery, sometimes a painful search and sometimes a wonderful discovery. When our hearts are restless because they are pilgrim hearts whose home is not here…

R/. Draw near, O God, draw near!

When our footsteps grow weary, when we stumble along the way, discouragement and doubt so easily come forth to greet us…

R/. Draw near, O God, draw near!

We are always learning what to leave behind and what to take with us as we move along the road of life. As we struggle to make good decisions…

R/. Draw near, O God, draw near!

We encounter you, God, continually in the constant cycle of setting out and coming home. Sometimes we allow life to be so busy as we travel that we miss your presence. When we need to slow our hectic pace…

R/. Draw near, O God, draw near!

Expectancy, anticipation, and courage rise up in our beings when we are open to your ways, God of the wilderness. As we search for reasons to hope…

R/. Draw near, O God, draw near!

In our journeying, we need a strong conviction about the beauty and goodness of life, a vision of hope that endures the pain and struggle, and a thread of love that weaves through all of our dreams. When we try to hold on to what gives our life meaning and purpose…

R/. Draw near, O God, draw near!

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