I am All Yours, Mary

Image of Our Lady Queen, Upper Church, St Michael
Image of Our Lady Queen, Upper Church, St Michael

Virgin Mary, my mother,
I consecrate myself to you and trust in your hands all my existence.

Accept my past with everything that it was.
Accept my present with all that it is.
Accept my future with all that will be.

With this total consecration I entrust to you all that I have and all that I am,
all that I have received from God.

I trust you my intelligence, my will, my heart.
I place in your hands my freedom, my anxieties and my fears,
my hopes and my wishes, my sorrows and my joys.

Custody my life and all my actions
to be more faithful to the Lord
and with your help reach salvation.

I trust you, O Mary! my body and my senses
so that they remain pure and help me in the exercise of virtues.

I entrust my soul to you so that you can preserve it from evil.
Make me part of a holiness equal to yours;
make me conform to Christ, ideal of my life.

I entrust to you my enthusiasm and the ardor of my youth,
so that you help me not to grow old in faith.

I trust you with my ability and desire to love;
teach me and help me to love as you have loved
and how Jesus wants you to love yourself.

I trust you with my uncertainties and anxieties
so that in your heart I find security,
support and light in every moment of my life.

With this consecration I promise to imitate your life.
I accept the resignations and sacrifices that this election entails
and I promise you, with the grace of God and with your help,
be faithful to the commitment assumed.

Oh Mary! Sovereign of my life and my conduct,
dispose of me and everything that belongs to me,
so that I always walk with the Lord under your Mother’s gaze.

O Mary! I am all yours and everything I own belongs to you now and always. Amen!


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