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Consecration to Mary

“There you have your mother” (John 19, 27)

It was Jesus, Virgin Mary
who from the cross wanted to give us to you,
not to mitigate but to confirm
his exclusive role as Savior of the world.

If in the disciple John,
all the children of the Church were entrusted to you
All the more reason I am pleased to entrust you, Mary,
the youth of the world.

To you, sweet mother,
whose protection I have always experienced,
this afternoon I trust you again.
Under your mantle, in your protection,
they seek refuge.

You, Mother of divine grace,
make them shine with the beauty of Christ!

The youth of this century
at the dawn of the new millennium,
still live the torments derived from sin,
of hatred, of violence,
of terrorism and war.

They are also the young
to whom the Church looks with trust, knowing that
with the help of God’s grace
they will be able to believe and live
as witnesses of the Gospel
in today’s history.

Help them to respond to their vocation.
Guide them to the knowledge of authentic love and bless their affections.
Support them in the moment of suffering.
Make them fearless messengers of Christ’s greeting
on Easter day: peace be with you!

With them, I also entrust myself once again to you
and with confident affection I repeat:

“Totus tuus ego sum!” I’m all yours!
And also, each one of them, with me shouts at you:
«All you! Amen.


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