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Beatitudes to the JPIC Promoters

They/they make the image of God visible in our lives, illuminate our relationships and are the path of JPIC traced by Jesus.

Happy, happy… the poor, humble, defenseless, unhappy, oppressed of the earth; those who bring to light that the “civilization of progress” and the “society of abundance” are full of deception, and declare that, in the human being, with all his power and with all his riches, there is no It is enough for itself; those of you who live accepting that nothing is truly yours – no matter how many things you have – except love; that returns harmony to the world. I say to you that you already possess the joy of the Kingdom of God.

Happy, happy… because they know how to enjoy nature, and all its offerings without exerting violence or generating destruction; those who do not take advantage of the night to tread the grass or kill the birds; those who do not use force to drown out the sound of the sea, nor break the ecstasy of beauty; those who work following the rhythm of life. Truly I tell you, you will possess the land.

Happy, happy… those who cry and suffer for the misery of so many, for the devastated fields, for the forgotten species… Those who recognize that they are part – although a very small part – of the universe and manage to make all their symphony ignite and resonate in your tiny being. His tears will drink the light of the stars, and his suffering will expose his heart to the sun of God.

Happy, happy… those who hunger and thirst for a more just order… and are not satisfied with not participating, in any way, in the degradation of humanity and their home, but instead seek to overcome of all selfishness, of all injustice, of all violence, until making the earth a place of life, an inheritance for all, and all. I tell you that you already participate in the joy of the Creator.

Happy, happy… when they help every being that encourages and seek their dominion with wisdom and love, when they humbly cultivate the goodness of things, when they recover the wounded branch and return the fallen bird to the air: those who do not carry his work as a yoke, but as an encounter of his freedom with the freedom of the universe. God will help you.

Happy, happy… those who have clean eyes and fearlessly put their hearts out in the open; those who surrender to the fountains, walk with the rivers and look at night beyond the stars; those who put their hands together to collect the rain, those who do not fear the wind that drowns their voice. Because in the reflection of every creature you will find the reflection of the good God.

Happy, happy… those who, like children, feed the pigeons in the squares of the world; those who dismantle the missiles that threaten the peoples; those who do not join the wars, even if they call them cowards; those who stand in front of the tanks waving a white flag; those who with their fight or their love break the seeds of all violence; because they are animated/two by the Spirit of God.

Happy, happy… those who are persecuted for being faithful to the land; those who, by respecting its harmony, suffer the whip of misunderstanding; those who do not resign themselves to living in a strange land, where the eagle and the people, laughter and the landscape die senselessly; those who, in every corner of this planet, discover beauty and take off their shoes, because every corner is sacred; those who say that a sister land is possible. God himself will be his land.

Happy, happy, they will be, they learn to live without killing, to grow without destroying, to walk without leaving deserts behind their steps. Be cheerful and happy, even if you have to suffer for it. You make the new Earth possible. Do not doubt because God will certify his work. Amen.


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