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Open My Eyes, Compassionate Heart of Jesus

Compassionate Heart of Jesus,
Here I am, like the blind man on the road.
You walk past me and I don’t see you.
I have my eyes closed to the light
and a hundred in them like hard scales
that prevents me from seeing you.

Feeling your footsteps, hearing your voice,
I feel in my heart, like a spring that is born,
like a bird that flies away,
Like a jet of life, screaming for you.
I look for you, I want you, I need you
to cross so many streets in my life.

Compassionate Heart of Jesus so many things blind me.
It is life with its colored lights.
It is pleasure with its irresistible force.
It is the money with bus chains that imprison.

I am beginning to live, Lord.
And everyone insists on my life, you too.
It comes to me every day that calculated world
and mercilessly propaganda.
Every day that world of the easy comes to me,
of the low, of the creeping.
And I let myself be caught like the fly
that falls prey to the spider’s web.

I have my top ideals.
I have in me underworld forces.
I feel in me a hard and merciless fight
to continue in the gap simply surrender.

Sagrado Corazón
Sacred Heart of Jesus

Compassionate Heart of Jesus, open my eyes to your life.
I want to put my eyes on yours
and read in them your friendship.
I want to see your face with clean eyes.
I want to open my eyes to the light of your Gospel.
I want to look at life head on and with meaning.

I want faith to be the torch on my way.
I want to see you and I want to learn that life, pain and death without your Light are chaos.
I want to see in every man a brother.
I want to open my eyes to myself, and see inside.
I want to put my eyes on things and look for your traces in them.

Compassionate Heart of Jesus, help me to see that sin is thick darkness.
Clean my heart from the dirt
so you can see from within.
You said that the eyes are the lamp of my body,
give me clean, luminous eyes
so that my whole body is Light.

Like the blind man on the road, like the blind man I look for you.
Touch my eyes as with your fingers and open them to the Light.
Then the path – my path, Lord, will have a direction. Amen.


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