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Prayer to the Trinity in Suffering

Merciful Trinity
          Merciful Trinity

I do not imagine you Father except loving, modeling, giving life, putting color, harmony and music. Father, I can’t imagine you except loving …
Help me to believe that in You we are, we move and exist. (Hec 17.)
Help me to believe that you love everything that exists, otherwise you would not have created it. (Sab.11,)
Help me to believe that my life is a pitcher in the hands of the potter (Jer. 18,)
Molded, molded, so that one day, finished, show your glory and your power.
Help me to believe that suffering is part of life and life suffering is in his blood.
Help me to believe that You have not created suffering, but you create the unfinished, the perfectible, the finite, time, space.


I do not imagine Christ except surrounded by sick people in the streets, healing the deaf, dumb, lepers, paralyzed.
Healing bodies and healing spirits. (Mat 9:35)
Jesus, who has all power in You, because “all power has been given to you.”
Help me to believe that if I have a pain, that if I have my cross, you want to share it with me.
Help me not to remove the thorns, but to locate the thorns on the roses.
Help me not to protest in suffering, but to find what I can do with it.
Help me not to worry when I suffer, but to give you my fragility and my poverty.
Help me not to lose myself in the dark, but to see the luminous darkness.
Help me to believe that the grain of wheat must die to be born (Jn.12,)
That what exists must be transformed to live.
Help me to suffer with peace, with wisdom, with love.

Holy Spirit,

I do not imagine you Spirit of Jesus, but transforming the unfinished into perfect.
I do not imagine you the Spirit of Jesus but building our inner man that is renewed every day (2Cor.4,)
Help me to hope against hope, help me to believe that, as the years, sickness, suffering wear my body, You keep building the inner house.
Help me to accept that the outside is finite. Help me to accept that life, health, illness are part of a transformation towards the eternal.
Help me to make the transitory a tool of salvation.
Help me learn to get rid of things and live on what is essential.
Although pain and suffering transform my body and make me feel useless, miserable and poor, may I continue to believe that You have your home in me.

Holy Trinity,

Infinite abyss in which, the closer I get, the less I see you, but the closer I feel you.
Holy Trinity, infinite space the closer the smaller I feel, but I find myself more sheltered.
Holy Trinity, infinite mystery.
I feel you more fully when I experience the unfinished in my being, when I experience the thirst of the thirsty deer, when I experience that you are my God, when I experience and I long for the perfect communion with you. Amen.


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