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Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit

O Holy Spirit, You are the Creator of the Universe. Every living being came into existence because of You and through You. You breathed Your life into everything and the universe came into being. Come visit us today and fill us anew with Your heavenly flame, with Your life, and with Your unfailing love.

O Holy Spirit, You are gifted by the Father and with us, available to us 24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86,400 seconds of the day. You are the life-giving spring! Engulf us and refresh us with Your flowing stream of new life, love, and presence. When we open ourselves to You, we are at peace, restful and everything is pleasant. Uttering Your name itself is calming, anointing, and energizing. You are powerful, like consuming fire that eliminates all that is negative within and around us. You protect and take care of us every moment.

O Holy Spirit, You are the Divine Finger of God’s right hand. You are the promised one of the Father. You are absorbed in the Divine, the Absolute, and filled with all goodness. You are the one to teach us the heavenly language loaded with divinity.  Come, teach us God’s language, that we may discover Your gentle whisperings each moment of this new day.

O Holy Spirit, You are the Heavenly Fire filled with Divine Love. Ignite us with the fire of Your love, that each sense may emit Your life to all whom we encounter this day. Pour out Your love into our hearts that every fiber of our being is a medium of Your presence in love to all. Our flesh is weak and feeble. Strengthen us with Your powerful presence. May we be an effective medium sparked with the Divine Fire of the Triune God!

O Holy Spirit, today more than ever we are surrounded by dreadful enemies. We beg You to come to our assistance with Your all-powerful presence and chase away from us all life-threatening forces and negative energies.  May Your guiding presence lead us through the right path. Open our mind and heart to Your peaceful presence and positiveness.

O Holy Spirit, You are our Guiding Light! Thank You for taking us to the Father and the Son. May You continue to shower Your grace and guide our thoughts and minds to enter deeply into the life of the Father and Jesus. May we grow in profound knowledge of the Triune God each day!


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