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Easter- Passover

Emaus - Bible Center in Bandundu
Emaus – Bible Center in Bandundu

Easter is here!
It is time to make decisions. Jesus invites, calls to follow him, calls to encounter, opens the way to new life. Jesus, Teacher, Friend, Companion, we follow you:

Help us take the step!
Like Peter, John, and James;
May we not hesitate and be able to leave everything to follow your footsteps,
in active follow-up, offering life, giving the best of ourselves,
so that others can live better and the Kingdom comes.

Help us take the step!
Like Mary, the Mother, our Mother;
May we learn to say “Here I am Lord; may your will be done”
That we are not mean, that we give our whole life and offer it, to incarnate Jesus in the history and reality of our days.

Help us take the step!
Like Zacchaeus who did not hesitate and changed his life when you went out to meet him;
May we learn to share our goods, God’s gift for shared benefit.
May we learn to recognize our mistakes, to commit ourselves to permanent conversion, to demonstrate with daily actions and gestures.

Help us take the step!
Like the widow of the temple, simple, humble, she knew how to give her heart of what she had little.

Help us take the step!
Like the women who accompanied Jesus, when they were all gone;
May we remain strong in faith, firm in Hope, active in concrete love.

Help us take the step!
Like the disciples of Emmaus, may we learn to recognize you by walking by our side, explaining to us the things that happen from the gaze of God.
Helping us to discern and find how to better live the gospel in our day.
May we know how to return as many times as necessary, to announce your living presence to others.
May we change our plans and projects if God bursts into our lives with new proposals and horizons.

Help us take the step! Mister!
Show us that things of our person, of our living, must die to change and be new.
May we take the liberating step, committed to living announcing your Resurrection guided by justice and solidarity. Amen


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