Take and Eat


“I longed to eat this Supper with you before I suffered” (Lk 22, 14).
My heart is consumed by the pain of having to leave you.
So, I invoked the Father and He granted me
a way to remain present in each of you.

My feelings of love, affection, and longing
already anticipate the farewell.
Yes, I want to leave you a gift.
I want to give you to myself as a gift
so that each of you can continue with me.

Since everything I experienced from the Father is true,
this is a way to stay, even if I have to leave.
I long that each one of you, my disciples,
experience in me what I experienced from the Father.
And I, even though I leave, will stay as alive
and present in you as the Father is in me …

It had to be something simple, but profound,
in order to transform the world. So I chose a meal,
for nothing is as intimate as the friendship that unites us.
And sharing food
represents the communion of our lives.
So I chose bread, a food that sustains and quenches.

But I want to give you something that is more than bread.
I want to give you myself!
“I am the bread of life!” Eat, this is my body! …
So, feeding on me,
my life flows through each one of you.
It is the perfect union of love: Me in you and you in me.
So we are one, a single body.

Likewise, blood,
poured out in sacrifice and redemption for sins …
It is this blood that I give you as a drink,
this same blood grew in Mary’s womb,
fed with the love of the Father
and impregnated with the essence of life.

What better than wine to take it on?
The fruit of the vine, crushed and fermented,
transformed into a spirit of celebration and joy …
The wine of the new and eternal covenant,
the wine of our love and friendship,
and everything we share …

This is my Blood!
Take and drink so that it flows through your veins and
you will share the eternal life that I enjoy with the Father.

Come! Come closer.
This is the gift I give you. It is I myself!
My body and my blood!
Now, no more farewells;
Now only meeting, permanence, communion.

No, I will not die!
Life is stronger than death.
I will be with each of you forever,
and I will feed you with my body and my blood.
This is an eternal commitment,
sealed with blood poured out on the cross
and confirmed by the Resurrection.

Come, come close to me!
There is nothing more to fear.
I am LIFE, there is no more death.
Not for me, nor for whoever is with me!


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