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Blessings from Father Arnoldo Janssen for the farewell to the Missionaries

“I wish that the blessing, with which the house, even though unmerited has been blessed so abundantly, will also come upon you. May the blessing accompany you to your mission and may remain with you forever”.

May the Divine Heart of Jesus bless you and give you a truly apostolic heart like His own.

May the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Holy Mother of God, bless you and fill you with a true love for all.

May Saint Michael bless you, the great leader in the fight against Satan. If Satan reigns in the place, do all you can to fight for God under the protection of our powerful patron and defeat the enemies of God’s people.

May Holy Archangel Gabriel bless you, who announced the Eternal Word would become flesh; may He implore for your words, and may he help you to proclaim God’s Word faithfully.

May the Holy Archangel Raphael bless you, the companion of Tobias. May he be your guide everywhere, your protector in all dangers, and may he be always at your side as a helping doctor.

May Saint Joseph bless you. He is the protector of the Church, the special Patron of China, and a faithful Helper in founding and sustaining this house.

May the Holy Three Kings bless you; they are the first converted people whom the Lord led to his crib.

May all the dear Saints bless you, for whose protection we have prayed for so many times. And may the Holy Triune God bless you: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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