The Arnoldus Family Story, Vol.15, No.6

Author: Fr. Jürgen Ommerborn, SVD
Subject: 1897, Steyl, Missionary Sisters, Retreat Apostolate, Togo, Ecuador,USA, New Missions, Correspondence of Arnoldo Janssen and Mother Maria, Mission House, Third General Chapter of SVD (1897 – 1898).
Language: English, Spanish
Publisher: Secretariat Arnold Janssen, Steyl, Netherlands
Year: 2021
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  1. Sorry, I find very interesting articles about our Congregation. I would like to ask if I can have some specific articles about, The SVD mission in Togo. I entend to write a thesis paper about the mission in Togo about the two periods. 1892-1919 and 1974 until nowdays.
    I will be very glad if I can have some of the articles concerning the mission in Togo.

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