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The Spirituality of our Founder and of our Congregation

Author: Peter McHugh, SVD
Subject: 8th General Chapter, Spirituality, Trinity, Arnold Janssen’s Charism
Language: English
Publisher: Rome
Year: 1978
Available in .pdf

Eight General Chapter of the Servants of the Holy Spirit reflects more deeply on the spirituality of our Founder, Father Arnold Janssen. The vision of Father Janssen is concisely summed up in our name: Servants of the Holy Spirit. “Servants” in the sense of being ready to do His work, go where He sends. And “servants” also in the deeper sense already indicated, of performing the ultimate service a person can, that of unconditional surrender in love to the Holy Spirit and the people He loves and whose lives He wishes to make more meaningful, more beautiful. The foundation of our spirituality is analyzed and to each person of the Holy Trinity is paid proper attention. One of the chapters is explaining the community life as a union of life in the Blessed Trinity. Our present Constitutions links man’s community orientation to his being an image of God Who manifests His being essentially and necessarily as Persons-in-relation. « The Blessed Trinity is the origin, the prototype, and the perfection of every community » (Cons. 301). Each chapter of the book is concluded by reflective questions. All book is finished by synthesis on father Janssen’s charism lived in his spirituality.

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