The Spirituality of Interculturality – Materials for Retreats and Recollections of the Arnoldus Family

Author: RCI and AJSC
Subject: Trinitarian Foundation for Life and Intercultural Mission
Language: English, Spanish
Publisher: SSpS and SVD Digital Publication
Year: 2017
The Spirituality of Interculturality - Materials for Retreats and Recollections of the Arnoldus Family
Available in .pdf
Disponible en .pdf

The SVD 17th General Chapter had requested the Steyl AJST team to prepare materials for retreats, biblical reflections and days of prayer and programs related to the spiritual dimensions of interculturality. As a response to the first Workshop on Interculturality carried out in January 2015 at the Ad Gentes Center, in Nemi, Italy, members of both teams, the Intercultural Research Committee (RCI) and the team from the Arnold Janssen Spirituality Center (AJST) met in January 2016, to take the first steps in preparing a retreat on the Spirituality of Interculturality. They developed a structure of a theological framework on how to design an itinerary, based on the Trinitarian Missionary Spirituality and expressed in the prologue of the Constitutions of the three congregations founded by Arnold Janssen.

In this brochure you will find retreat modules with specific topics (Section I), as well as resources related to the topic (Section II). The retreat on “The Spirituality of Interculturality” is designed in three phases according to the three theological elements that are fundamental to our Trinitarian Missionary Spirituality:

Phase I – “Revisiting the Sacred Material of Our Stories”: entering the “context” of our life history based on our experience of God, who continues to call us and guide us throughout our lives.

Phase II – “Around the Table of Discipleship”: following and identifying with Jesus, who, chaste, poor and obedient, based on his relationship with Abba, and his passion for the Kingdom of God invites everyone to an inclusive communion.

Phase III – “Expanding the Circle”: in harmony with one another and with the Holy Spirit who guides and strengthens us to “widen the circle” – as we cross internal and external borders towards “intercultural life and mission.”

These materials are intended to be helpful when designing and preparing retreats, days of prayer, desert days,  and reflection, adapting them to the situation and the personal and community needs in the local missionary cultural context. They are the fruit of the valuable input from members of the Arnoldus family and are meant for internal use only. We are invited to continue expanding this work with other materials that may be relevant to the various cultural contexts in which we live and are committed to mission.

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