Silent Presence – The Contemplative Heart of the Founding Generation of Steyl

Author: Franziska Carolina Rehbein, SSpS
Subject: Arnold Janssen, Mother Maria Elena Stollenwerk, Mother Josepha – Hendrina Stenmanns
Language: English, Spanish
Publisher: The Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit
Year: 2012
Silent Presence - The Contemplative Heart of the Founding Generation of Steyl
Available in .pdf
Disponible en .pdf

The paths that human beings travel in their relationship with God are as diverse and multifaceted as human beings and their faces are. If we want to understand the spirituality, the prayer and the contemplative attitude of our Founder and Co-Founders, we must know and see their form of piety in its historical context, the fount from which they fed. A strongly devotional religious current clearly marked the spirituality of the Lower Rhine, an environment in which Arnold Janssen grew up. It impregnated the spirituality of our Founder and our Co-Founders, as we can see in his notes and observations, but above all in his attitude toward life.

Christian contemplation is an experience of meeting with God, an experience that generates self-knowledge, and the two experiences are necessarily linked. This material emphasizes the inner attitude derived from that spirituality, that is, the interior prayer and contemplative attitude of our Founder and Co-Foundresses.

Saint Arnold Janssen, Blessed María Elena and Josepha truly left us a precious heritage of mission and contemplation. They had deeply contemplative hearts, which is to say, they lived in the constant presence of God in their daily lives. As Christians and as members of the Arnold Janssen family, we are called to keep this inheritances alive in ourselves and to announce it to our world today.

3 Responses

  1. dear sister,

    an excellent book regarding our founding generation. but i cannot open it

    sr. vimla mankottil ssps

  2. I am very eager to read Sr. Carolina’s book, Silent Presence. I may not leave the house to go to the church for Holy Mass even if the church is just across the street. We attend the daily TV Mass and I spend much of my time reading books. Silent Presence is a gift to me from God through Sr. Carolina. I have met you in Steyl and Rome many years ago.God bless all of you who are responsible for Vivat Deus!

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