This Christmas will be Different

Author: Editorial Team
Subject: Christmas Message
Language: English, Spanish
Publisher: Vivat Deus
Holy Family
Holy Family

In the midst of a humanity that is suffering the consequences of the Covid 19 pandemic, this Christmas will be very different! Many will not even be able to meet their family … So many still mourn the absence of loved ones … Others have lost their jobs and face insecurity and fear … Others depend on the solidarity of those who share what little they have …

For those who consider Christmas only as a party full of lights and commercial offers, this year will be a sad Christmas.

But for those who maintain faith and hope in the God of Life, this will be a very special Christmas: The Christmas of waiting for better times, of the confidence that solidarity is stronger than discouragement, and the certainty that we have a saving God that assumes our flesh, our pain and our human fragility.

In the smallness of the baby Jesus, a great miracle happens: he becomes one of us so that we can enter the Trinitarian family. With Saint Arnaldo, let us contemplate the baby Jesus with the certainty and confidence that a new time will come!

This will be the Christmas of solidarity, hope and the search for salvation. May we know how to welcome the moment and take a step further, discovering the true joy of Christmas.

Happy and blessed Christmas!

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  1. More than any other time, this is the TIME to really feel we are ONE HUMAN FAMILY OF GOD as everyone in any aspect is affected and HOPEFUL for a RENEWAL towards embracing and living out the values of the REIGN OF GOD. BLESSED NEW YEAR TO ALL!
    From the SSpS of Poog, Toledo Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

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