Mary, She Who Knew How to Listen to God

Author: Laura Graciela Mayol, SSpS
Subject: Devotion to Mary
Language: English, Spanish
Year: 2021
Virgen de Luján
Our Lady of Luján, Patroness of Argentina

My devotion to the Virgin Mary began in my childhood when I saw and heard my mother and grandmother pray. From them I learned to invoke the Virgin Mary with affection, to ask what I need from her and to trust her as a mother, because I consider her our mother and my mother. It is a gift from God to be able to always trust her intercession and place ourselves under her care.

What always catches my attention and what I identify with the most is how Mary knew how to listen to God, discover his will and do what He asked of her.  I contemplate her especially at the moment of the Incarnation, but also in the different situations of her life, always at the side of Jesus. So, when I have to make a decision, I ask her to help me listen to what God is asking of me, to discover what He expects of me, and to help me carry it out.

A strong experience of the presence of Mary in my life was in my process of vocational discernment. At that time, I was taking care of my elderly parents, but I always felt the desire to join the congregation of the Missionary Servants of the Holy Spirit. I knew that my parents needed me since my brothers were all married with children and some with grandchildren. I decided to stay with my parents as long as God wanted.

With that, the time passed for me to join the congregation and I thought that the Sisters would no longer accept me because of my age. So, I prayed to know what God wanted from me. He granted me the grace to care for my parents until they passed away and then I was able to talk with the Sisters. With the permission of Rome, since I was 45 years old, I was able to enter the Congregation. This was truly a grace from God through the intercession of our mother Mary.

Looking at our Trinitarian spirituality, I see Mary as the first servant of the Holy Spirit, the first who allowed the Holy Spirit to act in her. Closely united to the Holy Trinity, Mary is daughter, immaculate spouse and mother who knew how to say yes to God so that Jesus could come into the world.

Our Lady also accompanies us in our missionary life. Every time we try to bring her son Jesus to others, Mary is there, because her greatest desire is that her son be known and loved. She helps us to discover the presence of her son in the heart of each person, and just as she took care of the life of the child Jesus, she continues to take care of all her sons and daughters, because it was Jesus who asked her to be our mother.

Especially in this time of pandemic, in which so many people are suffering, I believe that we must rely even more on the intercession of Mary. Just as she accompanied her son, Jesus at the foot of the cross, she will surely accompany each of her sons and daughters, especially if they are suffering. With her mother’s love, she helps us discover that we are not alone, that she and Jesus are always with us, awakening our trust in God who always wants the best for each of his sons and daughters.

In this month of May dedicated to Mary, I ask her to intercede for all the young people who feel the call of God, to allow them to hear the voice of God and let it resonate in their hearts. I pray that they do not let it pass, but that they continue seeking and asking for the help of the Mother of God so that the divine will is manifested, because whoever sincerely seeks the will of God will find it with the help of Mary.


Laura Graciela Mayol, SSpS
Laura Graciela Mayol, SSpS

Laura Graciela Mayol, SSpS, is from Argentina and belongs to the Argentine Province of Misiones (ARM). Before entering the Congregation, she was a university professor of Mathematics and Physics. She did her cross-cultural missionary experience in Ghana, Africa. She participated in the International Formators Course (SIFC) in the Philippines in 2007. Since her perpetual vows in 2009, she works in the area of administration. She is currently a member of the provincial leadership team and works as the mission treasurer.

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  1. ¡Hermoso testimonio de vida! Que nuestra Madre María acompañe a cada persona que día a día camina con vistas a lo que Dios quiere de nosotros.
    Saludos desde Leandro N. Alem, Misiones. Argentina.

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