¡Con San Arnoldo y las capitulares SSpS, inmersos en la vida de la Trinidad!

With St. Arnold, and the SSpS capitulars, immersed in the life of the Trinity! The date of January 15, 2022 – the 113th anniversary of the death of St. Arnold Janssen – coincides with the beginning of the 15th General Chapter of the Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit in Ariccia, Italy. The evocative […]

Apertura del 15° Capitulo General SSpS

Opening of the 15th SSpS General Chapter The Missionary Servants of the Holy Spirit are celebrating our 15th General Chapter. It is a very important event in the life of our Congregation, both for the sisters who participate in the chapter (face-to-face), and for the Sisters who accompany them with their prayers and through the […]

Good Friday – Passion of Jesus and the world

About 2,800,000 people died in the world as a result of an invisible and highly lethal virus. What does this number mean? According to data from 2020, 13 countries in the world have a population of more than 2 and less than 3 million inhabitants. It is as if the population of an entire country […]