Christmas Novena – 9th day

Christmas Novena – December 24 We adore the FAITHFUL PRESENCE of God that accompanies the pilgrimage of his people Let us be guided by the Light of a Star. The night was the moment when God wanted to be born; Above all, the night is Silence, and in silence God is present in our lives […]

Christmas Novena – 8th day

Christmas Novena – December 23 We adore the COMPASSIONATE PRESENCE of God who wants to be born in our hearts Let us contemplate in silence Mary and Joseph on their way to Bethlehem, and there in Bethlehem searching for shelter; a place for the owner of the world. There is a stable on the outskirts […]

Christmas Novena – 7th day

Christmas Novena – December 22 We adore the VOCATIONAL PRESENCE of God who calls and awaits an answer ‘Mary the blessed’, she is called by all. She is a Central character of Advent. We look to Mary to learn from her, how to listen, how to learn how she prepares for the coming of Emmanuel, […]

Christmas Novena – 6th day

Christmas Novena – December 21 We worship the LOVING PRESENCE of God who protects and cares for life The holiness and maturity of the faith do not magically solve the anguish and hesitation of the heart. It demands discernment in prayer and listening to the Word and the angel of the Lord will arrive to […]

Christmas Novena – 5th day

Christmas Novena – December 20 We adore the MISSIONARY PRESENCE of God who calls us and sends us on mission To worship is to learn to look at God and let God embrace us and at the same time allow us to contemplate the peoples and the world with the perspective of God’s eyes and […]

Christmas Novena – 4th day

Christmas Novena – December 19 We adore the TRANSFORMING PRESENCE of God who calls for conversion and commitment A voice cries out in the desert… John the Baptist has a profound message to give: the Light is coming and he is the one who announces it to us! Jesus compares it with the fire that […]

Christmas Novena – 3rd day

Christmas Novena – December 18 We worship the PURIFYING PRESENCE of God that invites us to trust and believe Thus begins the Good News: in a corner of the world, with an elderly couple who have no children. Nothing is impossible for God. novena 3rd day

Christmas Novena – 2nd day

Christmas Novena – December 17 We worship the CONSOLING PRESENCE of God who restores and announces Liberation Christmas is an invitation to joy, because the Lord is in our midst; because Salvation, light and truth are present among us. Christmas is an invitation to joy, because “we cannot be sad when Life is born”. novena […]

Christmas Novena – 1st day

Christmas Novena – December 16 We adore the TRINITARIAN PRESENCE that longs to make its abode among us As in that first Christmas, so in the present day of our history, “God with us” continues to make his dwelling among peoples, communities, and in the hearts of all people. “God with Us” continues to write […]