Lent Challenging “our faith to do something new” Pope Francis, in his message to Lent, invites the Church to “live with joy and enjoy this time of grace”; and we must reflect on a verse from the Gospel of Matthew (24,12): “If evil is to grow, love in the majority will face” (24,12). The Pope […]

February – Intentions of the Holy Father

Universal intention – Violence against women We pray for women who are victims of violence, that they may be protected by society and have their sufferings considered and heeded. Apostleship of Prayer Intención universal – Violencia contra la mujer Recemos por las mujeres que son víctimas de la violencia, para que sean protegidas por la […]

“With all my strength while there is time …”

Saint Joseph Freinademetz “With all my strength while there is time …” The month of January offers us the possibility of celebrating the two saints so dear to our missionary families, Arnold Janssen and Joseph Freinademetz. They are models of a spirituality incarnated in the Light of the Word and anchored in the power of […]

Joseph Freinademetz Novena day 9

Novena in Honor of St. Joseph Freinademetz Day 9. No greater love: Commitment to the People of China About the middle of 1907 a severe outbreak of typhus occurred. It affected especially the orphanage and the girls’ school. The schools had to be closed, and a number of SSpS Sisters who were taking care of […]

Joseph Freinademetz Novena day 8

Novena in Honor of St. Joseph Freinademetz Day 8. That all may be one: the Missionary Community When Joseph was appointed superior of the Divine Word Missionaries in China, among his many duties was the task of caring for the physical and spiritual wellbeing of the missionaries. During a retreat he said to them: “Our […]

Joseph Freinademetz Novena day 7

Novena in Honor of St. Joseph Freinademetz Day 7. Persecution: Setbacks in the Life of a Missionary In the spring of 1889 Joseph went to help a Christian who was also the magistrate in a town. He had been imprisoned, and severely punished for his commitment to Christianity. Finally he was able to have him […]

Joseph Freinademetz Novena day 6

Novena in Honor of St. Joseph Freinademetz Day 6. Curing the Sick: Compassion shown to the Chinese People A fellow missionary of St. Joseph tells of a visit they made together to an old man who was very seriously ill: “On arriving at the house, Joseph sat at the patient’s bedside asking how he was. […]

Joseph Freinademetz Novena day 5

Novena in Honor of St. Joseph Freinademetz Day 5. Proclaiming the Good News: Preaching and Catechesis on the Missions Our great missionary to China did not hesitate to travel throughout vast areas of the countryside in order to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. In pursuit of this aim he spared no effort or […]

Joseph Freinademetz Novena day 4

Novena in Honor of St. Joseph Freinademetz Day 4. The Father’s Revelation to the Little and Simple Ones: Poverty of the Missions Shortly after arriving at the Chinese mission Joseph Freinademetz wrote: “My dwelling place at present is a hut belonging to a Christian from the locality. It is made out of wood and clay, […]

Joseph Freinademetz Novena day 3

Novena in Honor of St. Joseph Freinademetz Day 3. “My witness to the ends of the earth.” – A Wandering Missionary Joseph Freinademetz set foot on Chinese soil for the first time on the 20 April 1879. After a short stay in Hong Kong, he set out together with Fr. John B. Anzer for the […]